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Parent's Corner: When Special Needs Moms Know Better Than the Experts Do

2nd April, 2014

[Source: Love That Max]
“The speech therapist said because of his lack of comprehension, he wasn’t yet ready for a speech device,” a mom I recently met told me. Her five-year-old son has developmental delays, and is nonverbal. He was sitting nearby, poking around on an iPhone.
“Have they tried one with him?” I asked.
“No,” she said.
Clearly, this child was into technology. Earlier, I’d seen him playing with an iPad.
“You should press the therapist on that,” I said. “These days, you can simplify devices and speech apps so they work for kids at a really basic level of communication, just even saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.'”
In a second, I was flashing back to the time when Max was 5 and I told the head of the speech department at his old school that I thought he should try a speech device.
“He’s not ready,” she said, point blank.
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