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SLP Corner: The Essence of Childhood, Found

by Kim Rowe, MA, CCC-SLP
windowintoI have to admit that my daughter has great language skills. I’m so reluctant to say that because I know how hard some children struggle to grasp and use language. I know that many of you are here because your child finds communicating a challenge and I don’t ever want to seem like I’m bragging or like my family is in any way perfect. I’m also reluctant to say it because as a speech-language pathologist people tend to credit me with my daughter’s language skills. I hate that because it takes away from who my daughter is on her own. Really, language is all her. She seeks it out. She is a communicator always looking for meaning and understanding. That’s just her. And while she has other challenges (and trust me EVERY child does no matter how well behaved they appear at the restaurant or how sweet they are on the playground), language comes easy to her.
I chose to go off topic a little from the norm today and share about my daughter, because in her ability to communicate, her words have often become little windows into the mind of a child. As her mom I get to peek in, see her, and try to understand. Even more, I’ve been learning. Each time I peek inside one of her word windows, the view is like an important lesson perfectly illustrated in front of me. These images bound together form a picture book of life’s lessons in their truest form – pure and innocent,
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Featured Guest Columnist / Organization:  Kim Rowe MA, CCC-SLP and Little Stories
Kim is a speech-language pathologist working in early intervention in Savannah, GA. She is Hanen certified and passionate about family-centered services. When she’s not working, Kim enjoys writing at Little Stories, spending time with her husband, volunteering with her therapy dog Charlie, and listening to her daughter’s story unfold as she develops language.
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