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15th May, 2014
Regardless of the outcome of my interview this afternoon (fingers crossed), I want to thank Lauren, my staffing consultant at PediaStaff for her poise and professionalism throughout. The level of support from Pediastaff is exceptional. As a result of the experience, I feel a bond of trust has been established. You can count on my loyalty to Pediastaff as we continue to work through the job search process.
Due to the accurate descriptions written for the Pediastaff job postings, I was able to review and reconsider the school-based SLP position in another state. There is a lot to like about the job, especially that the caseload has a cap of 50 students! This matches my comfort zone in terms of caseload size and its effect on productivity and quality service delivery. Additionally, the location is ideal in terms of mileage and travel  time to my family and other areas of interest.
Susan S., SLP
I want to thank Pediastaff and their amazing staff for helping me on my journey towards my first job as an Occupational Therapist. I had the opportunity to work with Shelli and Christine and they were simply wonderful. From the very first day of contact, Shelli and Christine were very helpful and made sure to provide all the information needed until I found the right position. They were always available via phone and emails and they always took their time to check back and follow up. I am currently working and very happy at my first job, thanks to Shelli and Christine. I recommend anyone looking into pediatric OT positions to contact Pediastaff. I have had a very positive experience with Pediastaff and I have no doubt that you will be in great hands.
Prerna B., OTR/L


Although PediaStaff did not get me my job this time around, I will definitely look to them when I am ready for my next career position. I really appreciated that everyone I talked to at Pediastaff made an effort to get to know me a little bit and really listened to what I was looking for in a job. I didn’t feel like they were just trying to “sell” me something that wasn’t a good fit. Please let your recruiting team know that I really enjoyed working with them, and that I will be back in touch someday for sure!
Sarah C., OT


I want to take this opportunity to praise Janell of PediaStaff in her many efforts finding me a great job. I had been out of work for a number of years, homeschooling my sons, and Janell picked up the ball and got rolling sending out my resume to various school districts in West Virginia. When one offer didn’t work for me, she pursued and found me another offer with Morgan County Schools. Janell is punctual, professional and courteous and has that sense of urgency making it easy to trust her. Once I left a message on her phone while she was away on vacation, and she called me back the same day! She truly is devoted to her job and made me feel as if we had worked together for years. I am so thankful for Janell and for PediaStaff!
Joy P., SLP


Thanks to PediaStaff and my recruiter Shelli, I had a positive and supportive experience searching for and finding my first professional job as an SLP-CFY. Shelli was always very diligent, encouraging, and responsive. She truly seemed to care about helping me find the perfect position to fit my needs. I look forward to beginning my career and am so thankful for the help and guidance I?ve received through PediaStaff.
Megan T., SLP-CFY


I applied for a Speech Therapist job on Wednesday, and by Friday, had already made connections and was well on the way to a position. Within 2 weeks, I had signed a contract and was ready to work! It was probably the easiest path to apply for a job I’ve ever used. Vicki was amazingly helpful, responsive, and flexible around my personal needs in getting things started. She was the best. Every interaction I had with a PediaStaff member was positive. I felt like a valued staff member instead of a number. I’ll be using PediaStaff again, whenever I’m in need of another position. And until then. I’ll continue to follow them on Pinterest and read their newsletter for amazing therapy ideas! Thanks so much.
Monika R. – MS, CCC-SLP


Dear Janell, I wanted to say how appreciative I am of you and PediaStaff. I am grateful for all that you have done for me for the past two years. Thank you for the opportunity to move into a direct hire position with my school. I truly enjoyed working for PediaStaff and am so thankful for the experience and guidance that was given to me.
Jennifer S. SLPA


Dear Pediastaff, I wanted to inform you that my husband did accept a job in Louisville, KY as of yesterday. Therefore, I will be remaining in KY with him and my family. I want to personally thank you all for spending so much time working with me in finding a job. You truly are professionals with good listening ears. I certainly felt like you all were working very hard for me and going above and beyond your call of duty. Thank you again for all your help. I pray you and your company continue to be successfully.
Holly F., PT


I would just like to say thank you once again for the help you gave me over the past few weeks. I appreciate the time you spent working with me and coordinating interviews for me. Shelli and Kary were both very helpful and informative and I had a positive experience working with PediaStaff. I’ll recommend your company to others and may need to call you again in the future! I wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you again!
Courtney, N., CCC-SLP


Working with Pediastaff was a great experience for me. The commitment and guidance I received throughout my job seeking experience made my overall transition from being a new grad to finding the perfect job a smooth and exceptional one. Because of the professional and caring guidance I received from my Pediastaff recruiter, I am able to start my career doing what I love within the perfect placement.
Morgan J., COTA


I had reached out to several companies a few months back, starting my job search, as I will be a new COTA graduate as of May, 2013. Of all the calls and follow-ups, April has been the ONLY professional to take time to actually talk WITH me and NOT to me and treat me with full respect coming into the new field of occupational therapy. I do realize I am still a student and that I have another month to really be marketable to prospective employers, and instead of using that as a negative, she has been super supportive and has not let that be an issue. April actually took the time to ask about me and my wants in a new job. She is constantly in touch with me, either by phone, email, or text, working around my schedule!. What a blessing she has been in my new career path! I also give praise to PediaStaff for only employing the best! I was referred to your company, and now I know why. I have and will continue to refer other individuals to PediaStaff.
E. Groth , COTA


I have been working as an SLPA for PediaStaff for the past two years. I had not heard of an assist position until I stumbled upon PediaStaff two years ago. I am very grateful for that. My experience with PediaStaff has been a great one. Everyone answers my questions promptly. The resources and support are very helpful. I wish I had more time in my schedule to access the resources. Janell has been great. I feel she always has my back, supports and listens to me and is very helpful in answering questions and responding promptly.
J. Skuby , SLPA


I have been with PediaStaff for 2 years and have only praises to share about this company. With great effort to meet my own needs when I started as a new school therapist, to being able to problem-solve through whatever challenge has come my way, the supportive nature of the staff literally comes through each and every time. I am pleased with the top notch calibre of my recruiter and her advocacy with contract negotiations always comes through to my satisfaction. This is a really great company to be a part of
R. Silverstein , OTR/L


I have had a great experience working with PediaStaff. My recruiter/staffing consultant Shelli has been really nice and helpful to me in looking for a job. She was always available and professional. I felt she was genuine and truly cared about my status. Response in emails and checking in with me seemed to be efficient and with appropriate amounts of time in between each time she contacted me. I appreciate Pediastaff and the work you guys do. Overall I have a great impression of your company and appreciate you help. I will admit I was skeptical at first having to work through another avenue other than the employer themselves but you have proven me wrong. If able, I will recommend your company to others I know that need assistance in finding a job.
B. Alexander, SLP-CFY


I think PediaStaff is doing a great job! I sent my resume out unsure of whether I would be able to find something that met my needs as far as flexibility in schedule. I sent my resume at the beginning of the week and immediately got an email from Shelli, my recruiter. We talked on the phone mid-week and I had an interview with the client the following Monday. My new employer seems like a great place to work, and I’m so glad they are able to work with my schedule. PediaStaff was very prompt with contacting me. I’m just now getting emails and phone calls from the other recruiting places I had contacted. I like the website as well as the Facebook page. I am definitely a fan!
Gretchen P., CCC-SLP


“I?ve been a traveler now for 5 years and have had the opportunity to work for numerous contracting agencies/travel companies. By far, I have to say that my best experience has been with PediaStaff. I have only positive comments regarding them. All of my contact people were so friendly and willing to try to accommodate any needs I had. Unlike some of the larger contract agencies/travel companies, PediaStaff treats the contracted employee as a vital asset. At PediaStaff, your alliance is essential and they seek to do what it takes to get it. There is an overwhelming sense of genuineness with PediaStaff that is generally not easily found among other companies.”
Honesty S., CCC – SLP


I have been with Pediastaff now for almost 5 years and I have always been very pleased with how your company handles things. From my first conversations five years ago with the owners of the company to my interactions with several members of your recruiting staff, I have always felt like they have listened to me. I have told many people about how awesome Pediastaff is and that they really do care about their clients. Recently, nelle helped me to re-sign a contract with my employer with a new (and difficult) special ed director. One thing that I have always enjoyed with your company is that I really feel like I have support. Janelle went the extra mile to help me with this situation (as did my previous PediaStaff recruiter) and there was just a sense of compassion there that you sometimes don’t find with an employer. She was reassuring and helpful…which was nice. Any issue that I have ever had (and there haven’t been many) has been dealt with in a professional and timely manner. I love Pediastaff…LOL.
Thearsa M., SLPA


Things were great working with my recruiter, Vicki Hill. I enjoyed working with her and she maintained contact with me throughout the process. I had no complaints; all questions were answered and I would like to continue to use PediaStaff in the near future.
Jarena, C. CCC-SLP


I consulted several staffing agencies while I was looking for a new job, all of which “specialized” in Speech/Language, Occupational, and Physical Therapies. PediaStaff was by far the most knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly company to work with! My recruiter located more job opportunities for me than any other company. It was actually difficult to choose just one!
Alisha P., CCC – SLP


PediaStaff has offered an incredible amount of opportunities and growth potential that have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The PediaStaff recruiters have always been supportive, readily available and willing to mentor me in my professional career. Being a new graduate upon beginning my career as an occupational therapist, the contracts that I chose were important to pave the way to my ultimate goal. The PediaStaff employees took the time to listen to my concerns, requests and needs with each individual contract. I was able to work year round or take time off whenever I felt the need. Working for PediaStaff has been an incredible experience in exploring not only every corner of the country, but also every field and setting of interest.
Sunita M., MS, OTR/L


I have received so much help from Vicki and found the services to be very beneficial. Vicki was able to get the proper contacts, emails and documents forwarded to me in a timely manner. She was able to answer all my questions successfully and I really enjoyed her overall enthusiasm,knowledge and assistance. She is truly a phenomenal woman and PediaStaff is an excellent service to utilize.. Thank you
Janita R, SLPA


I have been very pleased with PediaStaff and will definitely recommend it to any colleagues who may be searching for a position. My recruiter, Vicki has been GREAT!!! She has gone above and beyond to ensure that I found a placement that I was happy with. She worked very hard on my behalf to find me a position and it has been wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about her, she is friendly, down to earth, very easy to work with and I appreciate her help so much!
Valerie P, CCC-SLP


I only have great things to say about PediaStaff! Shelli was a great contact between the employer and I and she was always willing to help me in any way I needed. I would recommend PediaStaff to my friends looking for jobs in Peds! I also was in contact with a couple other consultants as I was looking for Peds jobs in a few states and they were helpful and friendly too.
Jill D, LPT


I have had a great experience working with her and PediaStaff and will definitely recommend it to others! Shelli has been great to work with! She has always responded to my many questions promptly, follows up on concerns or just information, and is professional and friendly. Thanks!
Alyson H. CFY-SLP


WOW!!!! Shelli was amazing! She was very patient and worked hard to find what I needed, whether or not Pediastaff could offer that for me. I was trying to choose between two companies who were offering me essentially everything else equal. However, I chose to work with Pediastaff because Shelli’s customer service was outstanding. She understood I was new at the travelling thing and took the time to explain things to me to make sure I didn’t get taken advantage of and to make sure I got what I wanted and needed from a job. She continues to follow up with me even after I accepted the position to assist with my transition to my new position. I have since recommended your company to other therapists.
Melissa R, OTR/L


I can’t shower PediaStaff with enough praise. I have had 2 placements through them and both have been awesome experiences. The entire scope of PediaStaff is so professional and above board. The main thing that I’ve been impressed with is the personal interest the staff has taken in me. Immediately a recruiter was my advocate looking for that perfect match. When I was placed I had an OTR with PediaStaff who I could call anytime with questions. I was not in it alone and there was a group of people committed to my success. It’s not about money with PediaStaff………… it’s about relationships and people. I can’t recommend PediaStaff enough. They are a true blessing in my life.
Sabra T., COTA


Coming to PediaStaff was the best decision I made after graduate school. My dream for as long as I remember was to live in the mountains and to be doing something I love. They found a great job for me in a wonderful community (by the mountains), with one of the best school systems around. Because of PediaStaff I was also able to purchase my first house in the mountains only after living there for a year and a half. This was a huge move for me and I did it alone. The people at PediaStaff helped me make a smooth transition across the country and they?ve always been helpful and considerate when I?ve needed information.
Heather B., CCC – SLP


I am a Speech Therapist from Kokomo, IN. I stumbled upon PediaStaff as I strategically searched for a new position for the upcoming school year. On line, I found PediaStaff and applied right then and there. Within a day or 2, I received a phone call from a very patient and kind recruiter, Janell Marino. She guided me through every step!! I have only been with PediaStaff for 5 months now, but I can tell you the names of every person that has helped me in some shape or form and I have never even seen their faces!!! That speaks volumes to me. From my recruiter to my clinical coordinator – I email and they answer–just like that. They are very prompt and meet all of my needs. We had several tragedies the first couple of months at my new school and the president of PediaStaff called me directly to express his condolences and sent a care package to the school, as well. How thoughtful! In closing, PediaStaff is so good to me! It has been great working with them. I have referred others to the company and will continue to do so. PediaStaff, I am so glad I found you when I did!?
Jessica P., CCC – SLP


I?d never heard of PediaStaff until my supervisor in Covington Kentucky mentioned that some speech-language pathologist assistance?s were working as contractors for PediaStaff. I immediately investigated and from the beginning, I liked what PediaStaff had to offer. I always imagined leaving PediaStaff immediately after I complete my graduate degree and obtaining my C?s. I believed I would find a much better offer somewhere else, once I obtained my C?s. However, in spite of my being with PediaStaff for a short time, their presentation, packages, and job opportunities continue to be superior! Since PediaStaff has been good to me as a speech-language pathologist assistance, I can only imagine how good they will be to me once I obtain my C?s. They have given me no reason to leave them in the future. Working with PediaStaff is very easy because they remain steadfast professionals servicing and satisfying everyone. I wish I?d heard of them right after I finished my undergraduate degree.
William M., SLP Grad Student


Mac was great to work with! He really listened to me and paid attention my priorities when looking for positions for me. He also didn’t pressure me to accept a position that was less than ideal for me and kept looking for others until we found one that would work. He sure seemed to take a more professional and yet personal approach than some of the other recruiting companies I talked to who sometimes seemed more like used car salesmen! I would definitely recommend Mac and PediaStaff to other therapists looking for peds work.
Mari T., MS PT


I contacted several health agencies that promised to work hard to find me a job, but I never heard back from any of them. Even when I called back to check, it was just another promise to “put me on the top of their list” when they had something. Of course, that never happened. Mr. Utley spent the time to understand my personal needs and was always kind and friendly. I felt confident that he would do what he promised and he definitely did. I will let all my friends who went to grad school know about your company.
Autumn H., SLPA


It has been great working with PediaStaff. Everyone I have talked to has been very helpful and efficient with answering any of my questions and providing me with the information I need. Shelli, my recruiter was absolutely wonderful to work with.
Bethany R., CCC-SLP


I really enjoyed working with my recruiter, Shelli! She really worked with me when it came to landing this position. Anything I asked she helped me to the best of her ability. She kept in touch and wanted to know each and every step that was taken between me and the company. The quality of the company (based upon my interaction with my consultant) is excellent. I even worked with another consultant named Kary and the communication between the company consultants seemed to be great. He knew that I was working with Shelli, but he was also willing to answer the questions that I had. I really can not complain about anything. Shelli helped me contacting the company, what questions to ask, attached documents to email to help me through the interview. She is absolutely wonderful. So therefore, my experience with the company was great and I would definitely go through this company again if I ever decided to relocate or look for another job. THANK YOU!!!
Crystal S, CFY-SLP


I worked for PediaStaff for a year and loved every minute of it. My placement representative got to know my personality, which made all the difference in the right job placement. They understood my needs both personally and professionally.
Christina S., MS, PT


I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I’m returning for my second stint with PediaStaff at a school in St. Paul, Minnesota in large part because of the professionalism of my recruiter, Ms. Shelli Katz. She has been a supportive advocate on my behalf and always follows-up to all of my inquiries in a timely manner. I have worked with other traveler companies in the past, and Shelli’s energy and work ethic is unparallel to others.
Linda G., CCC – SLP


I searched for a position as a Speech Assistant for months, encountering dead end after dead end, before finally finding PediaStaff. The managing partner addressed all my concerns promptly and found me a wonderful position so quickly that I only wish I had contacted PediaStaff sooner!
Brittany N., SLPA


I am so glad to have PediaStaff in my career family. Immediately after earning my Bachelor’s degree, they found me the perfect job opportunity! I was given interview tips from certified workers in my profession, offered great pay, and everything ran so smoothly during the transition from college to career. More than a year later, I am on my way to earning my Master’s while working and this would not have been possible without PediaStaff! Their friendly staff really care about your personal needs and want to help you. I am so thankful I found them!
Holli G., SLP Grad Student


PediaStaff has done an excellent job at quickly placing me in pediatric settings that I enjoy. They immediately respond to any questions I might have regarding my contract positions, and offer resources to help me advance in my professional development.
Diane K., MS OTR/L


I have never felt so supported and appreciated by a company before. The benefits and the pay are top rate. I look forward to a long working relationship with PediaStaff
Lisa O., CCC – SLP


I have loved working for Pediastaff! Vicki, my recruiter has been great! Any questions I had, she either knew the answer or found it for me. Everything from hiring to weekly timesheets was easy. I would recommend it to anyone. In fact, Pediastaff was my first experience with contacting and I was really nervous but it turned out to be a great experience.
Kimara W, CCC-SLP


Thank you for contacting me regarding how things have gone working with PediaStaff. It is always great to see a company that follows up with their clients. I was very pleased with working with Vicki, my recruiter, the website information, and so far with my new employer. Vicki was very helpful with answering my questions, emailing me with helpful information, and contacted the employer very promptly after we spoke about the position. She was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend PediaStaff to anyone that is looking for a job in pediatrics.
Kristy B., PT, DPT


I have been nothing but pleased with Shelli, my PediaStaff recruiter. She is very personable and takes the time to chat and make me feel important every time I call. Shelli worked very hard to find me another assignment for the fall and never sounded annoyed or bothered despite my frequent phone calls. I have worked for a few other contract companies, but none have been as personable as PediaStaff. I appreciate all of the emails from mentors and individuals sending information regarding newsletters and upcoming events (such as a booth at the conference). I will be moving to the St. Louis area next summer and hope that my next recruiter is as fabulous as Shelli so that I can stay with PediaStaff another year.
Corin C., Occupational Therapist


I have really enjoyed working for PediaStaff and with my recruiter Kary. He has been very helpful and I actually had the pleasure of meeting him this year at the TSHA convention in Austin. I have found it to be fairly easy to get ahold of anyone I need at PediaStaff and TE in order to get the information that I need. Kary is the point man who points me in the right direction.
Misty F, SLPA


I would like to let you know that I have really enjoyed working with your company over the past year and I look forward to continuing to do so next school year. Janell has been fabulous. She has been a big help over the past year and she is always pleasant to work with. During the school year I had to take a month off because of a medical issue, and everyone at PediaStaff and Top Echelon were very supportive and helpful during that time. I also appreciated the donations to my schools that your company provided. The kids really enjoyed all the games and neat tools you sent us. I feel that your company has really provided high quality support to me during the past year and I am glad that I have had the opportunity to work with you.
Heather H., SLPA


I’m very impressed with the service that PediaStaff has offered me. Many of the past agency companies that I’ve dealt with give a lot of false promises or information about what they can do for me and that was very disappointing. Mac McClellan is very honest and forthcoming with me and I do appreciate that so much. I would recommend your company to any therapist that was seeking an agency to represent them. Thank you for your excellence service.
Alyce D. OTR/L


Thanks for emailing me, and giving me the opportunity to share with you my experience with PediaStaff. I have really enjoyed being involved with PediaStaff, even for this short time. My recruiter Kary has really been great with communicating with me, and so has everyone else. If something needs to be completed they let me know. I am very excited about this opportunity, and could not be happier with PediaStaff.
Leslie, M, SLP


I was so pleased to get a call from Shelli the day after I applied on line. Right away she had several opportunities for me and was more than happy to obtain additional information if I needed it. When I decided on a position, she was helpful in getting everything set up with the company and checked on me over the next several weeks to make sure things were going well. I would definitely use PediaStaff again and recommend it to friends.
Ren?e Lowrey, OTR/L


I would definitely recommend PediaStaff! I really enjoyed working with my recruiter, Vicki. When working with Vicki I really felt like she was looking out for my best interests. She was very helpful throughout the process.
Tory P., SLP


I am super grateful to your recruiter, Shelli for finding me my new position. She was very helpful and easy to communicate with. I love my job, and appreciate her taking the time to find me exactly what I was looking for. Thank you PediaStaff!
Lauren L., CCC-SLP


Pediastaff has been great! Shelli was extremely prompt, calling me immediately and finding contacts on the same day. And she is always available to answer my questions. Thank you for your great work!!
Katie H., OTR/L


I really enjoyed working with Shelli. She worked really hard for me and found me two great opportunities and offered plenty of guidance along the way. She was very fun to talk to and I enjoyed my experience with PediaStaff.
Tracie W., LPT


I thought PediaStaff did a great job! Since I was living in Illinois and a CFY SLP, I was having a hard time getting schools/companies to respond to my applications. I sent my application to Shelli, and she was able to contact Kelly at the job I was interested in. I had a very good experience with Shelli. Shelli also kept me updated and continued to call to make sure everything was going well. I thought PediaStaff did a great job!
Michelle H., SLP-CFY


I have yet to start my new job, but from what I have experienced so far, Shelli has been very accessible and prompt with answering questions I have about the position. She has been great acting as a mediator between me and the school district. I really liked the information she gave me about interviews even though I was not required to have one. It was valuable information that I will keep in mind for the future as well. My friend, who has worked for PediaStaff before, has had all positive things to say. I look forward to working for PediaStaff. Thanks so much!
Alisha G, SLP-CFY


I can’t say enough of Mac McClellan. I had some restrictions on my license, and he was able to work with those to find me a spot unlike most recruiters I have spoke to with other agencies. I have just begun the PediaStaff adventure, but everything has gone well so far. People return my messages quickly. The paperwork is A LOT, but I have a feeling that once everything is in place, it will be a smooth process. I hope to be part of the PediaStaff team next year as well. Thanks!
Jodi B., SLPA


I am VERY happy with PediaStaff. I think Shelli is WONDERFUL!! She has worked around many of my requests and has made sure I was able to get what I wanted. She doesn’t bug me, but always keeps me in the loop and I feel very comfortable bringing up any questions or concerns with her. Although I don’t really use the other support systems within PediaStaff (b/c the school system I work in provides me with one), I know how to access them if I need something or have a question. I am extremely happy with Shelli and PediaStaff.
Jessica T, CCC-SLP


I am not a job seeker or an employer, but I just want to say your wonderful discussion group has provided me updated information on a variety of topics. I’m new to Linked in, just figuring out how best to use it. I am receiving a weekly summary of activity and EACH time, I have clicked to read several articles and learned new information. It’s been wonderful! I have been receiving PediaStaff weekly newsletters ~ 2years and have always find them informative. I feel lucky to have stumbled across your bulletins and enjoy them in both venues. Thanks for doing such a great job disseminating useful, clinical information.
A. Fox, SLP


Vicki has been so helpful throughout this whole process. I spoke to her several months ago and since then she has done an excellent job of informing me of possible job opportunities, contacting employers, and helping me determine if the job is a good fit for me. She has been great in responding to my e-mails and phone calls in a quick manner. Vicki has been nothing but patient, polite, professional, and very pleasant to work with. I have enjoyed working with Vicki and have so far had a very positive experience working with PediaStaff.
M. Mann, OTR/L


I wanted to tell you that I have had a great experience with PediaStaff. so far. My recruiter, Shelli, is the biggest reason I chose to go with your company and not a different one. She is so thorough and knowledgeable that I feel very confident and can rely on her for anything. She really gets her job done and makes me feel right at home. I hope all my encounters with PediaStaff is as wonderful as my experiences have been with Shelli!
Jennifer B, LPT


I have worked with PediaStaff twice now. Both times have been with your recruiter Mac McClellan. He has been great. He is easy to work with and realistic in expectations. I will recommend that my colleagues work with PediaStaff if the whole company is as good as Mac is!
D. Wagar, LPT


I really enjoyed working with PediaStaff – especially Shelli. She really listened to what I was looking for, and she was much more connected and personable than any of the other recruiters I have dealt with. I appreciate Shelli’s candid, honest account of each facility. She helped to steer me away from what could have been a bad fit. I feel that I really “click” with my new employer and I hope that feeling lasts over time. I was pretty relieved when my search led me to PediaStaff. The fact that you specialize in peds allowed me to stay true to where I want my career to go. Most recruiters only have school positions and the fact that you have clinics was perfect for me. Thanks, PediaStaff!
T. Anderson, OTR/L


It has been a pleasure working with Pedia Staff. I have worked with my recruiter, Kary, twice. A couple of years ago he helped me to try and find a job in Texas. At that point in my life I wasn’t ready for the move. Two weeks ago I got another chance and took it. Kary is very helpful and very kind. I hope to someday work again with you guys for placement:)
K. Anderson SLPA


Thank you for the opportunity to write you a testimonial. I am happy to report to you that Mac was just wonderful to work with. He was courteous, honest, and expeditious. I felt very comfortable knowing he and his people were handling my employment. I also found your website easy to use and navigate through for the most part. All of the interactions I have done with PediaStaff have been positive.
M. Hoffman, OTR/L

PediaStaff hires pediatric and school-based professionals nationwide for contract assignments of 2 to 12 months. We also help clinics, hospitals, schools, and home health agencies to find and hire these professionals directly. We work with Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, School Psychologists, and others in pediatric therapy and education.


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